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On the road, on the trail, or on the couch. Enter this happy place where coffee perks and bells chime. Prop your feet up. I'll do the shopping for you. Browse, drink coffee, read books, peruse my blog.


There is something about the lure of the open road, whether we take it or not--maybe it's just me.  RVers,  Horse people, or those whose adventure comes in the form of a book, all could find something of value here.  So, have a cup of coffee, tea, vino, beer, champagne, oh heck, have a Margaretta. Let me know if there is something you want. I will try to find it for you.

Whoops, I dropped my words into my coffee.

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My newest most exciting entry yet. Wow, I want to know how to Have Everything I've Always Wanted.  Although maybe I don't want some of the things I wanted once upon a time, however, I know what I want now.

I was anxious to get this booklet (9, 998 words) listed so I placed a digital file here. It is also available on Amazon Kindle.

  • It's time we started having fun.

  • It's time we stopped the gloom and fear.

  • It's time to come into our own, to get, do, and have our heart's desire.

  • It's time we recognized the powerful beings that we are.

Wonder how?

Read this book.

It will cost you an exorbitant fee of  $2.99. 

Worth every penny.

See, I didn't make you read a mile of text before I gave you the price. When you get everything you want, sent me a tip. Oh, wait, by then I will have everything I want and I don't need it. 

I'll want to know how you got your stuff, what you did to get it, and I intend that you are one happy dude when you write to me.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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Muchly appreciated.

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Here are a few of my favorite things. 

Please enter the store and browse.

Products coming up

This item is selling like hotcakes. The supplier is sold out, as well as Amazon. I have one, although I won't promise for how long. So act fast.


We had a similar unit when we lived off the grid in Hawaii. It was a godsend. Our solar power often went out, either we used too much, or the rains came and the sun was obscured.  


We plugged into the power pack, ran a movie, or used the computer. No sweat.

In troubled times this in a good idea.


See the portable generator in the Product list below.

Yesterday when I sat down at the computer and was cold--can you believe it--last week it was hot, I said I need one of those. Especially since summer is ending and the mornings are cool.

Yon Chang created this cover-up initially for travel since she often traveled. (Have you ever tried to get warm with the little blanket the airlines provide, and what about covering your head so you can sleep? This blanket has a built-in head cover, with a breathing hole. (Now the airlines don't provide blankets or pillows). Fold the blanket into its pouch and you have a pillow. And you wonder about the tray? She has a snack/dinner tray cover too. Although created for travel, as you can see it has many applications--sitting at the computer being one.

I found that Yon is Korean, and I went "Really, I have three Korean siblings. She came to the US when she was nineteen--It is now 47 years later.

I hope this store makes you smile. It's easy shopping with great products.

I smiled when I found glass straws.


On my husband's and my anniversary, we traveled about an hour and a half to Florence Oregon to the Waterfront Depot Restaurant where I was served a drink with a glass straw. I'd never seen one before and thought it was so cool, I have looked for them since.  I found some!

They're expensive, but if you don't break them, they will last forever. I found a better price than my first listing what was for only one straw. Here are four straws, two straight, two bent, plus a cleansing brush. Ta-Da! they will make you feel so elegant.

I found a new cheaper supplier, as the old one went bye-bye. 

Another product: this sink strainer tickled me so much I had to offer it. For someone, me, who wrote The Frog's Song, it's perfect.

One more thing for the day. Pet's Smart Mini GPS Tracker. Find your dog, cat, horse, ferret, keys.


Soon to come: Travel Collection


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