Two doggies on the trail, stylis over fallen  tree.


Yesterday I commented here that I was overwhelmed. Today I again revel in the joy of living. 

I know I don't have much of a readership here, maybe a few kindred souls that check in on occasion--we'll have to fix that won't we? 

I blog on, there you will find more about me than you wanted to know.  And there I am seeking persons who  want to know what I want to know, for we are all seekers aren't we?

However, I want to get this site rolling and I would like to run an idea past you to see what you think. It's on the blog. 

Click here to to there. 

I'm into mugs, and will print one or a dozen for you.


Here, too, is a preview to my soon to be released journal that gave me such trouble formatting for a Printable book on Amazon that I had to go away and lick my wounds. I got it though--I think, I haven't heard yet if it passed the test. 


It has lined pages and quotes scattered among the pages like seeds. Contemplate the quotes, be inspired, argue, I don't care. They weren't placed to stop your creative flow, but to give you a pause, and a moment to contemplate.

I love my readers,

That's you.


on amazon in paperback

mug with Tiki Room.png

Please join me on the blog page for the good, bad, and outrageous. This is a work in process, so expect change. Feel free to add a comment.

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Muchly appreciated.

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For you folks who signed up, thank you. You are sweethearts.  I will keep adding new content and products as we go along.


Dog's mug mug.


My little Sweetpea modeled for me. 

To have your very own dog mug, send me a jpeg picture and I would be happy to have it printed for you. 

For quotes on mugs, please go to the products below.

Happy  scrolling to you,


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The quotes on the below mugs were a special order, but are available for you. 

See what you can put on a mug. This is our once owned Hawaii Tiki Room, with our little Grandson doing laps.