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 Don't you love the smell of fresh-bound books and fresh-ground coffee? Since we're virtual, you will have to use your imagination--but then, I bet you have a lively one, for you love books, and they are a visual feast. So, prop your feet up.  Browse, drink coffee, read books, peruse my blog, and buy stuff.


Cup of coffee for $16?

Four hundred years in the making.

A blog reader gave me this link and story a year ago. I stalled until today.

Today I ordered 4oz. of  Port of Mokha’s Coffee for $32.00. ( And I complain if the store raises my favorite coffee's price  by $1.00 per  pound.)


“The most expensive and critically acclaimed coffee in America, maybe the world.”

“Coffee worth risking your life for,” so says  Mokhtar’s website, and Mokhtar did just that, risked his life by escaping Yemen to introduce his coffee to the world.  I will give you the link to his story, and where you can purchase his coffee. (No kickbacks for me, just news.)  

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I'm not leaving Jewells Happy Trails behind,

so here we go...

There is something about the lure of the open road, whether we take it or not--maybe it's just me.  RVers,  Horse people, or those whose adventure comes from books, all could find something of value here.  So, have a cup of coffee, tea, vino, beer, champagne, oh heck, have a Margaretta while you are shopping for fun stuff. Let me know if there is anything you want. I will try to find it for you.

I was motivated by a local RV store, although I'm not an RVer, and you might not have access to such a store, so here I am. I used to have a horse trailer (and horses) so I know you need rubber to pad the walls, and covers for the tires so they don't deteriorate by continual exposure to UV light. And hitches, and blocks, and one monumental thing I wish I had was a camera so I could see what was behind me when I was trying to line up the ball hitch of the truck to the receiver of the trailer. Talk about threading a needle. That's about what it was.


Incidentally, I never mastered the art of backing-up while pulling a trailer, so I planned all my stops so I could go forward. If I tried to back up I broke out in a sweat.

Maybe one of you could write a post on how to back up a truck with a trailer without jack-knifing it.

Keep checking in, I will see what fancy do-das I can find.

All absolutely necessary of course.


Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred.
--Pony Express ad.

And now for my book site that is https://jewells trails.com


"The Green Trail of Bliss," our driveway in Hawaii, with Do, the goat, and Bear the Newfoundland and Peaches the Poodle.

3 Joyce and roman edited in Picassa 10.j

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