Jewell's Happy Trails

Jewell's Happy Trails

Adventure Awaits

On the road, on the trail, or on the couch. Enter this happy place where coffee perks and bells chime. Prop your feet up. I'll do the shopping for you. Browse, drink coffee, read books, peruse my blog.


There is something about the lure of the open road, whether we take it or not--maybe it's just me.  RVers,  Horse people, or those whose adventure comes from books, all could find something of value here.  So, have a cup of coffee, tea, vino, beer, champagne, oh heck, have a Margaretta. Let me know if there is something you want. I will try to find it for you.

While the open road gets my juices flowing, so does Home Design.

Since we aren't traveling much, we are home--working at home, watching movies at home, eating at home, having the kids squabble at home. Imagine putting the below whale mural on their wall. Wouldn’t that bring a smile to their faces and a calmness to their soul?

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Here comes a bend in the trail.

I love this. This was simply too cute to pass up. Think of the walls where you could place it, the dining room, your bedroom, the den, playroom, heck, you might want one in the garage. 


I'll also add a few other items to perk up your home—while not breaking the bank.

Look for tips on altering your space without buying anything—maybe some fresh flowers.  What do you see in all home design books? Flowers. I often buy an orchid for the blossoms last for months, they are beautiful, so elegant, and sometimes I can get one plant to bloom the following year: Viola’, free flowers.

I plan to add a few tips on home Design that can perk up our places.  Look at the blog posts. I’ll get them together eventually. Really.

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Here are a few of my favorite things. 

Please enter the store and browse.

Whoops, I dropped my words into my coffee.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Long ago and far away I took Vision Training from an Instructor who used the Bates Method. (Thirty years ago in San Diego, CA.)

Thirty years? That was a lifetime for some, and way before blogs. (Can you imagine?) Many people responded to the two recent blog posts on 
"Hello Beautiful Check Your Eyeballs"  and asked for more. Bless their hearts.

Ta Da! "Hello Beautiful" was born.

Isn't she beautiful?  The Cover Photo is by Elijah Hiett.


"Hello Beautiful; The Art and Science of Vision Training Using the Bates Method is available on Amazon Kindle. It's Free for a time if you have Kindle Direct. Hurry, for I don't know how long that lasts. To buy it is $2.99.

Because of writing that book, I am motivated now to look up from the computer, to look near to far, and hey, what am I doing? Read the book. 

I will place the Introduction on my blog page.

Jo, Joyce, or Jewell, that's me.

Products coming up

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