Handwoven Chinda Rug 3 ft x 5 ft.

Handwoved Chinda rug 3 x 5 feet. Multicolored, made of fabric strips,90% polyester, 10% cotton. Imported


I had one of these when I lived in a log house and had a large entry. The rug  added color and was washable--necessary when you have dogs and people who come into the house with dirty shoes. It doesn't have to be a catch-all, but a statement adding color to a room.


This large rug instantly transforms your space with sumptuous colors & one-of-a-kind design..


The rug price is $19.95, plus a shipping fee of $5.00, total $24.95

Handwoven Chinda Rug 3 ft x 5 ft.



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