Horse rope halter in rainbow colors

I love this halter. As soon as I learned the value of a rope halter, that was the only one I would use. A rope halter might not be as classey or as beautiful as a leather, or nylon strap one, but they teach the horse to respond to subtle, gentle pressure. a horse will pull against a wide-band halter, but a rope one. It tells them right away that they can respond without being tugged or jerked around.. I rode Velvet with only a rope halter. I put a bridle over a rope halter on my mustang because I felt I needed the added protection, but I could still use the rope to guide her. She learned, too, to respond to gentle pressure. Pat Parelli, horse trainer says to apply only as much pressure on the horse's head as you would on an eyeball. Now, that's some horse.

Horse rope halter in rainbow colors



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