Pet's Smart Mini GPS Tracker

Pet's Smart Mini GPS Tracker

Colors: black, red,white,red, green, One per package.

Size 1.46 x 0.24 inch.

Battery powered. CR 2032 Not included. Bluetooth 4.0

Range 75 feet. Not so good for finding your horse, but great in the house or yard. Useful for finding your car in a parking lot, your luggage at a caousel--me for finding glasses, my phone, purse, dog leash.

Be patient with the shipping time, it will be worth it, that gives you time to buy the battery and have it ready to go upon arrival. I will keep you informed as to arrival dates, so you can talk to me, but don't yell at me. This is a bargain at the price.

4.5 stars.


Pet's Smart Mini GPS Tracker



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