Smart Blanket

As you can see this Smart Blanket has many applications. Going camping? Great for sitting around the campfire--but watch people will try to nab it first. Reading on the couch? Great. Traveling—it can’t be beat. It was originally created for that purpose, with a pack for easy carrying. Fold it into its pouch and you have a pillow. It has a foot covering. I don’t know how many times my feet have frozen on a flight. Sleeping on a plane? The Smart Blanket is perfect, as it has a head covering, complete with a breathing hole.  Of course, on those cool mornings at the computer, this blanket is a must. Slip it over your head, push your arms through the sleeves, and don’t worry about a shawl falling off your shoulders, a lap covering falling onto the floor. A foot covering? Definitely. This Smart Blanket is a must have.


It would be perfect for individuals in wheelchairs.


This blanket is built in the U.S by an immigrant woman entrepreneur trying to make a living. You won‘t find this blanket cheaper, and I’m offering free shipping within the US. For International sales, please ask me about price.

Smart Blanket

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