Synergist Saddle

Although i have had this saddle for a number of years, it has been carefully covered, and only used about three times. I couldn't part with it until now. My horses are gone, but i kept it for sentimental reasons. The seat mesures 16 inches, the gullet 10. It was custom made for a Quarter horse and me, but I don't think we are all that much different unless you have a pony or mineature. Velvet had a nice rounded back and I have a nice rounded seat. This saddle met all my qualifications, it's pretty, made of leather, lighweight ( 21 pounds), an endurance saddle made for ease on the horse. It doesn have a cinch or latigoes, which are leather strings tied to the brass D-rings. I took them off as my mustang wanted to chew on them, and they became lost on a move.  For that reason I will pay for the shipping. Note, it has stamped wolf tracks for good luck.

Synergist Saddle



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